K'nex Phone Charging Stand

Once you are done this is what your new phone charging stand should look like!

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Step 1: Side of Stand

The side of the stand has 1 dark grey connector, 1 dark blue connector, one white connector, one green connector and one red connector. For rods it has 3 green rods and one blue rod. You will need to make two of these for both sides.

Step 2: Connector Rods

The connector rods has 3 blue rods and one yellow rod.

Step 3: Second Side Connection

Make sure that the connections are in the right place.

Step 4: Back of Stand

Turn the red connectors on the sides so that they are touching.

Step 5: Back Connection

Connect the two red connectors with a green rod. The back of the stand should bend a little bit.

Step 6: Your Charger Stand Is Ready!

Just pull your charging cable through the back of the stand and plug in your phone or tablet.

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    3 years ago

    Comment what you want me to make out of k'nex next!