Knex Flip Phone Dock/Stand, by Bannana Inventor




Introduction: Knex Flip Phone Dock/Stand, by Bannana Inventor

This is a dock I made. It can fit almost any flip phone. Those of you with a MOTO RAZOR you are garenteed. ENJOY :D

Step 1: Building.

Build the four objects in the two pictures.

Step 2: Connecting.

Connect everything as shown. Now you are done. Don't forget to rate and comment!!!



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    27 Discussions

    I never realized how much of a nerd I was until I saw a knex cell phone holder an thought "cool" no offense

    this is the 3rd knex dock i made in under 20 minutes. seriously. i made 3 -- count em -- docks in under 20 minutes!

    i has a razor also! it was pink, but it was my mothers phone. (for those of you questioning my age, im 13) she bought a $12 cover, which wasn't enough, so she bought a black paint marker and covered where the pink showed. that is my phone story, i guess.

    I'm gonna build one for my Samsung E-380 :P Anyway nice job :)