K'nex Phone Stand (with Portrait and Landscape Modi)

are your elbow muscles getting painfully tired for holding your smartphone while watching videos or browsing the internet?
or does your neck get stiff while watching so?
mine did, so I build a smartphone stand with landscape and portrait support.
this way my hands are free to move and can relax all the time.
the construction is easy to make, but I'd make a tutorial anyway because it's fun to make them.

Step 1: Gathering Parts

you only need a few parts, no special ones are needed, and I even think you are in the minority (if you'd own k'nex) if you can't build this.

Step 2: Building the Basic Parts

make these 3 parts, then move on to the assembly.

Step 3: Assembly

-connect the 3 parts as shown.
-add 2 silver rods to the double-blue connectors, these can help you stabilize the stand in landscape mode if you need to.
-add 1 long rod, this will support your smartphone in portrait mode. you can put this rod on the right side if you want to.
-add the 2 remaining long rods to the back, these will put the stand into a angle.

Step 4: Portrait and Landscape Modi

to switch from landscape to portrait, or vice versa, you only have to move 1 long rod.

now you can enjoy your smartphone with added comfort without spending extra money.



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