Knex Pick-up Truck.




About: Hello instructables! I am a 14 year old redneck who loves mechanics and cars. But one of my favorite things to do is play with knex so if anyone out there is building a knex gun or car and are trying new mec...

Hello everyone! I'm very sorry for the inactivity but here i am and have built this truck. It is simple but I thought you guys(and gals) would like it so here it is. It has a frame the same as the one you'll find if you type in RALLY CAR SS just with a few tweaks made to it. Other then that its s pretty simple truck. I've put it through many test and found that this thing is a pretty tough work horse. I probably can't post instructions for it because i'm going to move on to another project once i press the post button at the bottom. I'm not sure what I should build next so leave some ideas at the bottom. Thanks and have a happy rest of the day. ~ Back $lash

P.S. I build both knex guns and knex cars. (Perfer guns)



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    can someone ask this guy to answer his questions I WANT TO BUILD YA CAR anyone with a 3ds trade friend codes with me.

    hi this is a fab instructable . you should totally post a set of instructions for this i rate it 5*****s .
    just post instructions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Looks pretty durable and cool.
    For the suggestion, I don't know how many pieces you have, but could try a MP5? (full sized one, not the MP5K)