Knex Piece Substitutes



Introduction: Knex Piece Substitutes

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This instructible show you substitutes for prehaps knex pieces that you dont have alot of.

If there is anything that you think I have missed, please tell me.

P.s (This 'Ible is for beginner knex builders)

Step 1: Rods

These are substitutes for knex RODS.

Picture 1- Blue rod substitute
Picture 2- Yellow rod substitute
Picture 3- Red rod substitute
Picture 4- Gray rod substitute

Step 2: Connectors

These are the knex CONNECTORS.

Picture 1- White connector substitute (Depends on what your making)
Picture 2- Green connector substitute

Step 3: Other

These are the knex substitutes for 'Other' knex parts.

Picture 1- Knex chain (If chain does not fit on your model perfectly)

Step 4: Wheel

These are knex substitutes for wheels.

Picture 1- Small wheel substitute



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    In theory the shape of a blue connector will fit, but it’s impractical because to make it lock in place with a tan clip it would take more parts and it would be more bulky. You also would lose a lot of strength.

    I did.. And I said that the said person should get more knex.
    But, there are lots of ways to make knex work in ways they weren't meant to. You just have to mess around with it.

    Dude, im sorry if ive irritated you in any way but I only just told you your right.

    you can also use 3 white connector for the small wide wheels.