Knex Pistol

This is my new knex pistol. It can shoot any rod and chain links. This gun has medium ROF or Rate of fire. This pistol is very reliable. Ask me for instructions.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Ummm, fail.
    The handle is sloppy and looks very uncomfortable.It is no eye candy either.

    The trigger "mech" is a poor version of a very old trigger, and considering the rest of the gun is so mediocre you need to make the trigger something special.
    It is very sloppy and looks horrible, the design isn't even a good one.

    It is single shot, we now have many semi-autos and magazine loaded guns, base your gun off others and add a magazine.

    If you are telling us about the pistol tell us how far it can shoot, don't just say that is has a high ROF1.

    I respect that you tried hard on this, but it really isn't very good, sorry.

    If you are going to post something like this, put it in a forum topic2.

    Footnote: 1, Ummm no. A single shot does not have a rate of fire.
    2, it's near the pictures box. 

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    Okay, I spend a few millenia in an adjacent paradox battling against zombies and aliens on the BLOPS2 demo whilst typing that comment and you just carelessly post an appalingly short comment saying ''+1". Oh the unjustness of it!