K'nex Pistol: Charger V1 + Internals

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Got another gun for you. It's an AR type weapon that has a removable banana magazine. Like Thunderbolt, it features a thumbhole grip, that has been improved for better looks and comfort, and is the next in a line of futuristic pistols. The magazine holds a lot of ammo, and uses friction to hold it in. Unlike some of the guns here, the friction is from the magwell, rather then using layers of tape to help achieve the right amount of friction. The back of the gun is reinforced. The gun is accurate enough that the sights are actually usable at close range.

I'm really happy with how the pin came out. It is a black rod and grey clip, with a single blue spacer and a bunch of electrical tape. After at leas 100 shots it is still doing fine, with no splitting or tearing. So far it has worked better then a TR pin, where the tape cracks rather quickly. I think that KILLERK has added a rubber O ring that helps with that though.

Now let's get to the specs. The brief internals are at the end of the pictures.

While this gun is not a replica of the Ruger Charger, I plan on posting a version of this with some elements from that particular gun, with a smaller magazine and a bipod.


Looks pretty cool. That's up to the viewer though.

Shoots very powerfully and is accurate. (55 foot range angled with two 117 bands.)

Comfy handle.

Lower accessory rail.

Post front sight and rear peep sight.

Very reliable.

Pin bends very little.

Works very smoothly.

1 cut rod in the gun, and a few in the magazine.

A little unwieldy for a pistol.

So I hope you guys like it! Please comment below to tell me what you think, good or bad, and favorite it!

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    Reply 4 years ago

    (theres no orange board in the app so imma do this here okay yes good) thx for the sup bruh

    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    Looks great! It kind of reminds me of a overgrown version of my MSMGP. Favorited!

    6 replies

    I suppose so. A little better with power and accuracy. But the same overall idea. It was a fun build. I think I may be a little bit better at this weird gun thing then normal guns. And of course, thanks.

    What are you working on now? If you don't have anything, I desperately want you to build a Px4 Storm.

    Lucas The BossCorgiCritter

    Reply 4 years ago

    No problem. I just started a huge project. I don't won't to give away what it is but it involves something I'm known for and something sandroknexmaster is known for. Check out my recently posted YouTube vid for a sneak peak. It's really hogging my pieces so I don't know if I could do it but I'll definitely give it a shot in the future.

    OK. Well you are known for guns, and he is known for ball machines, so is it a ball machine with a gun attached? XD I'll check it out.

    Lucas The BossCorgiCritter

    Reply 4 years ago

    Well I'm running low on pieces for the huge project so I'm going back to gun building for a bit but I'm still going to try and work on my project. I'm going to start the cx4 storm tomorrow.

    Lucas The BossCorgiCritter

    Reply 4 years ago

    I think the storm looks sick as well. I don't own any air rifles, I never really got into the whole airsoft gun stuff. I prefer shooting people with my X products ar-15 can cannon loaded with a tennis ball lol. (Look it up, Their epic)