Knex Pistol "TDS" With Simple Slide Action *Updated As of 8/26/08*




Introduction: Knex Pistol "TDS" With Simple Slide Action *Updated As of 8/26/08*

About: Just an aging K'nex launcher builder
Hey Hey it's about time I got a side arm. This is the TDS or TheDunkis's Side-Arm. I guess it could be TDSA but that doesn't sound as cool nor does TDP (in fact that sounds rather weird for some strange reason). And then I don't want to go with putting the S in front of TD...
Anyways on to the pros and cons list. *=updates
-Good small size
-True trigger
-Angled handle with comfort
-Handle loading magazine *Now features a removable clip!*
-So far it has been reliable
-*Now has a slide. It doesn't require any modification to the gun itself except for taking out the firing pin and adding the slide onto it. It also can use the full grey, black, clear rod for power.

-Requires a modified piece (oh no end of the world!)
Edit: New trigger design doesn't need a modded piece but it isn't as strong so may break under a lot of tension.
-Sights block out some of your vision (use different sights if you wish I made these for accuracy)
-*removable clip is kinda ugly and a tad bit messy. Nothing really bad and it works great*
-*Slide isn't connected to the gun by anything else except the pin (still works well though) It also isn't a smooth slide. Edit- I've made a smaller size slide but it doesn't go over the top.*
Sorry to keep adding size but this is my new list for the perfect knex gun features and how many apply to my guns.
1. Small size. - a good, small size for sure. *Still about the same size with slide now*
2. Capability for good power. -meh it's decent.
3. Accuracy. -excellent horizontally. It shoots in an arc vertically for increased distance but lower accuracy.
4. Easy, fast loading. -Handle loading with removable auto loader/mag pusher and ability to use hobolord's clips...yeah this scores at least an 8/10.
5. Handling. -Handle is by far one of the best I've made overall and the best I've seen for handle loading guns. It has a good comfort grip around the handle.
6. Cocking. -This is where the gun takes a big impact. You have to carefully set it up to load the ammo and push it against the trigger without jamming *A Slide! Huzzah! Also the gun has been a lot more reliable for me now these days. The Slide still works without any jamming*
7. Looks. -Well I guess this is your opinion but I think it looks just fine.
8. Reliability. -If you're able to cock the gun well enough and are used to it then this gun should be fine although I've had troubles with the trigger and ammo before.

V-1.1 I modified some things to make it less prone to jamming.
V-1.2 I added some extra parts for even more comfort. It now feels not only great to hold but easier on your hands when cocking it.
V-1.25 Nothing really done to the gun itself but rather an addition. I've made a removable clip! Soon to be posted.
V-1.45 Nothing really big just a lot of small changes. I added white rods on the remaining orange connectors to strengthen the barrel and to prevent misfires, changed the comfort grip around the handle to be even better, took off sights, changed the removable auto loader, changed the back to be like the mini TDS to prevent the top from bending, and I also added a fake under rail attaching accessory for looks.
V-1.55 I have finally added a slide!! It makes the gun bigger but for all of you who don't care lucky you!
V-1.70 I added a top for looks and changed the slide into something smaller and more effective.
V-1.75 Dang I'm running out of versions before I get to two... Well I should have another side arm done before then. Anyways I updated the slide to have a manual slide lock and I opened up the right side and made a cover connected to the slide so that when cocking the weapon the interior is exposed on the side to desplay the action of the gun loading.
The Mini TDS has been posted and it's located...sorry I don't have the link but I can tell you it was posted by knexsuperbulderfreak.

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Step 1: Handle

Here is my super awesome handle of super awesomeness. As you can see I gave it a nice angle just enough so it won't jam (plus if you put the auto loader in right it will load the ammo with no angle to it. It loads dark grey connectors if you couldn't tell.
1. Basic dark grey handle. Don't connect the whites and the yellows only the orange and dark greys. Notice the green rods at the bottom to keep the angle.
2. This is an extra part you don't need if you don't want it but it makes the handle so much more comfortable to hold.
3. Very easy to add the part. Also as a note if you do put this part on then if for some reason you are a psycho green rod saver then you won't need them they are just incase you don't use the extra part.
4. Put these on for a lot more comfort when holding and cocking.
5. Update- These are new parts for even more comfort.
6. Update- This is where this part goes. The other one goes on the other side.

Step 2: Barrel and Connecting to Handle

This uses a very basic barrel which you can adjust to however long you want. Remember though you pay a price of power when increasing accuracy.
1. Sorry for not splitting up the parts more but if it is simple enough then I don't believe I need to give you every basic part and show you how to put it together. I show you the way I don't hold your hand...
2. Swing the thingamujig down and connect.
3. Should look like this. Don't forget to add the white rods inbetween.
4. If you can't build this then forever not come to my instructable you shall. Grammer great isn't mine? This is an optional part to add to the bottom of the barrel.

Step 3: Trigger and Firing

This uses a true trigger design I just remember from seeing sometime ago I can't recall where so I can't give proper credit I'm sorry to say. This also requires you to butcher an orange connector. Go on! Show that little orage (or black or w/etf yours is coloured- I used the y'ol' english version of color ooooo) who's builder boss!
1. All the pieces you need. Not too tough. The trigger should be easy to figure out if not then you sir receive a FISSION MAILED!
2. Yas u putz ze blu raud hear end putz eh orinj (or grae) konectur hear.
3. Sorry just had to do that...if you had trouble reading that then luckily the picture speaks for itself and in whatever language you speak! Even Lithwanian! (spelled right?) Do you know where Lithwania is? I didn't until I watched that cool kid on the Disney Channel!! Rofl. Oh what sorry where was I? Oh yeah just stick the top of the trigger in zeh hole.
4. Zen stick another grey connector on the end of the blue rod pushed all the way out and slide it on. You might want to put connect some other small piece on so that the trigger is secured in there.
5. Put a rubber band around the bottom part of the trigger and stretch it to the white rods on each side.
6. And zis is ze firing peen. You'll need to tape it. The blue ring is to make sure the connector doesnt shove itslef under the tan lock. If it still isn't strong enough then I don't know stop trying to make my head aspwode!!
7. The Slide...easy enough.
8. Putting it all on. Don't forget the rubber bands.

Ok well I was planning on just making a short video to show you how to load and fire it because it would be too semi-complicated to explain. Basically just put in the dark greys (or purples in my case) or a blue exotic with green rod and grab a yellow rod with a red and orange connector attached. Insert it and attach the rubber band to the ends of a white rod on front. This should make sure the ammo goes up straight. Then it's a simple matter of pulling back the pin and pulling the trigger. Also for better performance pull the trigger completely and hold until the gun is done firing. Enjoy! Pardon all the messed up accents but I get really hyper at night when I'm tired (something very normal among humans)

Step 4: NEW Removable Clip Mechanism

Well that wasn't really hard. It isn't the best but it works for me. Hopefully this works out until someone can think up a better one. By the way this will work for both my pistol and my Mini Uzi and pretty much any gun with the same type of magazine (any size) as long as you modify it.
1. Man I really have to stop adding such tough steps... Don't forget ze rubber band!
2. Zis is the part that connects to the bottom of the gun. Just build it....yeah.
3. Bottom view of last step.
4. I'm sorry for making this so hard for you but see if you can put that part from #1 through the last part mkay?
5. Remember that rubber band from #1...what were we going to do with it again? OK yeah wrap it under the orange connector to each end of the blue rods. You now have the main mechanism finished.
The next steps are for setting up the clip to fire.
6. Get any sticky substance and put all ze pieces on it. I have sucky sticky notes so I can only use 4 bullets at a time and it isn't sticky enough to hold it together well...maybe tape will work better?
7. Now put the other side on now have some super fugly thing...
8. Ooo a little blury. My bad. If your sticky substance sucks like mine then be careful as you try to push it in the bottom of the gun. Then swing up one dark gray onto a white rod.
9. Swing up the other one and do the same and woohoo! You are finished!
10. Dun it look purtty?
11. Update- I've noticed that sometimes two bullets will slip in when trying to cock if you're not careful so if you turn the dark grey connector around and add a white rod it will make sure the angle of the auto loader won't double load. You can also pull on the white rod to unblock the pusher if you want to for some reason.

It's totally optional if you want to attach the clip to the removable auto loader. It will probably work better if you loaded them each separately. You'll be able to fit two 5 round clips into the magazine. Or if you don't want to go through the trouble of making clips before hand or just don't want to go through all the work with sticky notes then load them separately one by one. I like the removable auto loader because then you don't have to go through the trouble of inserting it then wrapping the rubber band under it and to each side. With this you just got to twist it on which only takes like 3 seconds when you get used to it.

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    7 years ago on Step 2

    Ditto, I don't know either?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Uhmm nice gun but it isnt slide action :P


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well I had two different slides, one that was a full slide and another that was what I called a "simple slide" back then that only went around the pin and not over the barrel. Still, it had slide action but I didn't have either version on the first picture if that's what you're referring to.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    should i make instructions for this

    it doesn't require a lot of pieces and works really well!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    No. It looks like it works well but there are tons of guns like that already. Good try though :)


    9 years ago on Step 2

    how do you connect the orange connector to the white snowflakes!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    when i fire it, the bullets just come flying out without even pulling the trigger. snd if i mske the trigger sturdyer, the ram rod slams through the roof of the barrel. what should i do?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    No offense but this isnt a slide pistol, just a hammer pullback.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Can I modify this pistol to be a slide action?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Sticky notes? Back a year and half ago we were still in the stage of coming up with good removable magazines. I used a sticky note clip idea from hobolord to make loading fast and easy. These fall obsolete to the flip out mag and oodammo stripper clips on my oodassault v3.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    u shuld make a whole instructable on how to make the mag for this gun i dont really know how D: 8D :p