Knex Pistol and Tactical Knife

About: Hey, My name is a Ashley I am 16 and I Love playing Video Games and Building With K'nex :D

Hey guys and here it is. My knex Pistol and Tactical knife.
The pistol works and fire how it should and also has a different way of the trigger being attached to the main part of the gun.
The tactical Knife is a simple but effective knife and looks kinda cool. This gun is part of my Sniping Class. The Sniper can be found here
The Sniper is my look alike M40A3 of call of duty modern warfare

If you have a name for this Pistol then leave it in the comments then when i get enough i will pick the best name and rate all there instructables 5*.

Credits to Dutchwarlord for the actual blade of the tactical knife



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    1 year ago

    Sweet knife, tho!

    Yeah sorry bout that i made ur knife before but i forgot ho built it, and so that is must be were i got the blade from and i now give u credit


    This is a great looking knex pistol and the knife is cool. THe pics are kind of blurry but I can still see them good. 4.5*