Knex Pistol, With a NEW! Firing Mechanism, a Hammer




This is my new knex pistol it uses a new, pretty efficient firing mechanism. I guess you call it a hammer you pull the hammer back which rotates back, it locks into place in four different distance and when your ready to fire, pull the trigger. With only two rubberbands i was able to fire it 30+ ft on a stright angle with good power. (Not aiming 45 degrees up in the sky) its a single shot so you have to keep reloading :( It has a true trigger as well. It uses very few pieces (about 100 and something).

Step 1: The Hammer

Pretty simple step

Step 2: Trigger

Another easy step

Step 3: Handle

Pic 1 and 2 are pictures of the finished handle

Step 4: Trigger Guard

Easy step again

Step 5: Barrel

On the last pic the view from the back of the barrel there is decapitated grey connector, the one in the middle of the other two that are slightly higher. Sorry it's blurry.

The grey connectors on either side of the barrel hanging off, (free-moving), they should have green/black connectors or pegs in them.

Step 6: Body

Disreguard the grey connectors attached to the body as they are already connected to the barrel.

The hammer is also attached.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Sorry i have no pics for the assembly of the gun but it is pretty basic i will hopefully post some soon. For now i will provide you with an easy summary of how to do it. The hammer has already been shown connected to the body. To attach the trigger you connect to the bottom yellow/gold connector of the body seen in the pic of the entire gun. Attatch the handle to the White/black connector with the two short white/black rods on the handle in the back of the gun attach the barrel and trigger guard to the appropriate spots, it'll come easy. and your done. P\M me if you have any problems.

Step 8: Finishing, Loading and Rubber Bands

you may want to add grey connectors on each blue rod sticking out preferably on the side your hand wont be on (righty, left side of gun and vice versa)

When you add the bands double loop it so the band has more tension and rest it under the front sight by the orange connector and stretch it back to the back of the hammer where the groove of the yellow connector with the geen/black peg meets the red/darkgrey connector. Also insert a rubberband behind the trigger to allow the trigger to reset itself and catch the hammer as you pull it back it will also ensure the hammer does not fly foward while you are trying to load.

To load insert a rod of any size you wish, if it is a smaller rod blue, white, or green, even yellow insert it from the back and if it is longer you can load it through the front, all after the gun has been cocked. the rod should rest on the edge of the decapitated grey connector so that it is as far back as possible but still inside the barrel. You'll understand once you find out where the bullet needs to be for it to shoot. Again, sorry for no pics and for some reason i cannot insert the yellow message boxes, the reason for these long descriptions. Just P/M me if you have problems.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    How do you cock the gun and where do you put the rubber bands?


    4 years ago

    I made a hammer action derringer 2 years ago but never posted an instructable. Now I made it into a break action derringer with a hammer.


    where do the elastic bands attach on the trigger? Good gun otherwise 10/10


    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice, i made it as my first gun and i love it ! * * * * *


    7 years ago on Introduction

    very good gun10.00 but it really needs a better handle and a bullet lock mybe im gunna try to modded just give me ur permisson to post the mod or im just gunna give u alot of creadit

    4 replies