Knex Pistol




Intro: Knex Pistol

I know my camera stinks so don't blame me...Anyway my gun shoots 30 feet.

Step 1: Pieces

connectors: 1 black ball joint Misc.:

11 green 1 white 5 blue spacers

15 orange Rods: 3 Grey spacers

3 Grey 3 green 5 rubber bands

3 hubcaps 3 yellow

1 red 3 black

1 brown/yellow 1 white/Grey

3 black ball joint 4 blue

Step 2: The Barrel


Step 3: Firing Pin

This is the firing pin

Step 4: Trigger

The trigger is well connected and this picture was bad...

Step 5: Handle

This is the handle.

Step 6: Assemble & the Rubber Bands

Assemble and add the rubber bands.

Step 7: Done!

Now your done, just pull back the firing pin and drop a white rod in the barrel and fire.



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    21 Discussions

    Darth Trainmanjli1

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    So? There are tons of guns with triggers that are far better. Take the X666 as an example!


    i take it any pistol that uses the handle desing is no matter what modeled after the killerk pistol...well even the firing pin is good for loading and absorbing the shock. but otherwise it doest look much like his gun at all


    10 years ago on Introduction

    listen, i love knex, i mean if i didnt why would i type the keyword knex? anyway its just annoying how people copy other people. its a fine gun but we've seen it already. so u better of gave killerk credit, though people who post these guns don't.