Knex Pistol

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A little gun i made which is quite powerful and longranging if u have a strong band!! First gather the pieces:

5x Yellow Connector
9x Orange Connector
7x Yellow Rod
8x Grey Connector
1x Black Socket Joint
3x Blue Spacer
1x Grey Spacer
1x Rubberband
2x Dark Blue Rod
1x White Rod
Note: You must keep loading this gun to fire it consecutive times. I am currently trying to find a magazine solution though.

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Step 1: Construct the Handle

Self explanatory title, to be honest...

Step 2: Part of the Barrel

The is the left side of the barrel which is quite simple.
Follow instructions and watch pictures and its easy.Add an orange connector on the end of the grey spacer like the one opposite to it.

Step 3: The Right Hand Part of the Barrel Now.

This is the main part of the barrel as it has the holes which the bullet goes through.

Step 4: Ram Rod

This is the ram rod. Simple, isn't it??

Step 5: Joining the Pieces!

Join the left half of the barrel to the right half, with the handle pointing down, and on the right side make sure the grey pieces are pointing inward and make sure the black joint part is facing downwards at the back.Next, slot the ram rod in at the back so the orange connector is above it.It shuld look something like the image below.

Step 6: Rubberbands and Firing!!!

Now for the best bit, loading and firing and the rubberbands!!Put one end on the tip of the gun(the yellow rod on the left!)follow it through under the yellow connector, then onto the end of the ram rod.The other side goes behind the handle just straight forward.

Now to load,pull back the ram rod which clicks firmly into place, then hold it up so it doesn't fire automatically, the slot blue rods inot the front of the gun(the orange connector). Firing is simple, push the orange connector on the left down and...
The gun is fired and you've completed my gun. The front barrel part which is in the first picture is purely for show so you can create it if u want to. ENJOY ALL!!!!!!!!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    wot do i upgrade on it then !!! i cant make a true trigger btw, so none of them, but a better barrel will be open 2 improvement

    2 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    check out some other guns on the site, read though in instructions and pick out some ideas!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    make a handle not made of connectors on a rod, or rods... make a magazine...make a trigger...make a nicebody...make something...better...


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i say this is like spam... asked to not post, and posts anyway... NO, i will not be nice...

    1 reply