Knex Plane (100% Realistic)

Introduction: Knex Plane (100% Realistic)

A knex plane that I built. Working ailerons, elevators, flaps, motorized propellers, and retractable landing gear

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Step 1: The Base

Nothing like this is complete without a base

Step 2: The Axle That Controls the Ailerons

The Axle That Controls The Ailerons. A few tight fits might occur here

Step 3: The Body

The big part. The gray 3d connecter can be replaced by a purple one slot connecter. I just used it to conserve pieces

Step 4: The Wings and the Motor

The wings and the motor that hooks up to the propellers

Step 5: The Tail

The tail which has the elevators

Step 6: The Landing Gear

Wheels the two that are alike have y-connecters at the bottom. Any type of wheels the size shown will work

Step 7: The Chain

These are supposed to link from the motor to the propellers. Notice how one is longer than the other. One has 38 links and the other has 37

Step 8: The Assembly

Putting it together. Looking at the model from behind, the longer chain has to be on the right side of the motor

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    did you call this realistic? it looks to me more like the rinky dink scaffolding job done on a house down the road from mine! im disapointed!!!!!!!

    dr. richtofen

    From what I see looking at the instructions, the mechanisms look pretty interesting.
    And that's probably the way OP meant that this plane is realistic, in the way the mechanisms work.
    The looks, not so much, but you did a nice job on the mechs.