Knex Playstation2 Pedal Set




Includes Gas and Brake pedal(I have NO steering wheel)

Step 1: Making the Pedals

You will need to make two of these pedals

Step 2: Making the Frame

You will need to make this frame. The first two "layers" are "based" on yellow rodss and the last is "based" on red rods.

Step 3: Controler Frame

Make The Controler Frame

Step 4: Pedal Buttons

Make this, but only make one(sorry I didn't take another picture)

Step 5: Attach Pedals

Attach the pedals

Step 6: Accessories

Yuo will need a scane of yarn and 2 rubberbands

Step 7: Attach the Pedals2

Attach the pedal with string and yarn as deminstrated



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    11 years ago on Introduction

    I get what it is. I get how it is made. i don't get what its for. I don't know of any game where all you use is the analog sticks. and never turn or push the buttons.

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! REALLY blurry pics. If your camera takes photos like that you NEED a tripod. If you dont have one use a bag of icing suger (Called confectioners sugar in US?)

    2 replies

    confectioners sugar is powdered sugar in the US, and as for the photo it may be prolonged exposure time on the camera because the knex pieces do look very bright and longer exposure timings can make pictures blurry.

    Some how I dont think A bratz camera would have many features... Even if it was a prolonged exposure, having a tripod would have helped


    Awful pictures, but interesting ideas. A Note: Don't use your sister's Bratz Camera. Ever. Even if it is the only one around.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    wow... needs better pics, but i can get the idea. cool instructable i have to say.