Knex Plinko Machine

Introduction: Knex Plinko Machine

About: I like to build with K’NEX as you can find many things I’ve built here. I also love to watch YouTube videos, have played piano and drums for over 10 years, listen to music (not country), and play video games...
This is a plinko machine made out of Knex I constructed in about a week that brings the balls up to the top over and over again with the help of chain lift. It even has custom score baskets and the video even includes a five-turn game, where each kind of ball (black/white and yellow) will go five times. This makes a great inexpensive way to play Plinko at home so as to everything involving Knex. Close-ups and pics of the machine are included also!! Hope you like it!!

Here is the plinko machine IN ACTION:

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    3 years ago

    Could you please make instructions!!!!!! Also, VERY NICE!!!!!!!