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Introduction: K'nex Pool Table

Hi there, welcome to the page!! My name is Aubren & I want to become an engineer one day. I'm a kid so I asked my mom to sign up with/for me so I could show those who would like to look at some of the things I enjoyed building. I built this pool table & loved every minute of it. It took me three months to build but I would have been done sooner if I had the pieces I needed on hand. I used over 30,000 k'nex pieces. Of course it wouldn't be complete without a board, felt, & hot glue for the playing surface. For the pool stick - wood, yarn, paint, & hardware. Lastly paint for the pool balls. I don't have instructions or a list of materials used on this project. Just a photo when finished. The table was about 35 inches tall, 54 inches wide, & 90 inches long. The playing surface was about 42 inches wide & 78 inches long. This is a functional working pool table. When a pool ball goes down the pocket it will roll to the ball return. My inspiration came from my dad's pool table. Thank you for looking!!  



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    oops. Just saw the return rack. *face palm* Anyway, any internal pictures to share?

    Will there ever be a piece count? Or instructions? Or a video?

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    I don't have a 100% piece count. I added up all pieces I used in my large sets & others that were ordered. I didn't count what I used from tubs. No instructions. I actually did this pool table for a contest my school signed up for. I didn't know of this site until a friend told me a few days before I posted this. I do have small video clip of me playing pool on the table to show the working ball return as I needed it for the contest. Other than that pictures as I built it here & there. I'm sorry I don't have all the information your asking for. Something I'll remember to do for my next build.

    hey, this is really awesome. you said you built the grandfather clock? I'm trying to build the g-f clock too. I'm trying to figure out how many pieces I need to collect and order from knex. do you have a parts list from the gf clock, that you could share? Thanks.

    That thing is very legit very nice build

    Wow, this is amazing, it's been quite some time since i saw something in this scale around here :)

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