Knex Soda Pop Cooler

Introduction: Knex Soda Pop Cooler

I was always tired of drinking warm pop, but I didn't want to crowd my fridge by putting all of my pop in there. I remembered a product that I saw on tv a while ago. It showed pop being spun in a sort of container because the pop cooled down faster when spun. So I decided to make my own out of knex. It cools down pop faster than putting it in the fridge or putting it in the freezer.

When you decide to use this, make sure that you place it on some sort of container because the melted ice cubes will drip down. The cans do occasionally stop spinning. When this happens, just press a thumb nail down onto the can.

Step 1: Parts

You will need the following knex pieces:

80 small grey
70 small black/green
17 blue
1 large grey

49 grey/purple
27 white/black
24 blue
9 brown/orange
6 yellow

6 one inch diameter wheels with rubber outline
8 grey spacers
2 of those black things
2 of those brownish mustardish things
1 of those blue things that looks like a brownish mustardish thing but with out the little point sticking out
1 knex motor
2 AA batteries for the motor

I may have counted out too many small grey rods and not enough small black rods, but it shouldn't be off by too many.

Step 2: Attach Knex Pieces

Take all but two of the blue connectors and connect them with grey connectors. There should still be some grey connectors left over. Connect all but two of those to each other.

Step 3: Make the Lower Base

Create the lower base using the picture.

Step 4: Add the Upper Part

Add on the upper part.

Step 5: Make the Wheel and Axle

Make the main wheel axle here. Make sure to add the small black rods onto the white connector. You can also see the brownish mustardish things I was talking about, and the blue thing that looks like a brownish mustardish thing on the end.

Step 6: Attach the Wheel and Axle

Attach the wheel and axle. Only one end should be attached.

Step 7: Add Flooring

Here, add the flooring and attach the brown connectors. Make sure to add the small grey connectors on the corners.

Step 8: Finish the Flooring

Get the remaining four wheels and stick a small grey rod through them and add a grey spacer to them. Then attach them to where it shows in the picture and add more grey rods to the remaing spaces.

Step 9: Add the Walls

Add the walls to all four sides. Make sure to add the single blue connector and make sure it lines up on both sides. Notice on the more narrow end the blue rods go through the brown connectors.

Step 10: Removable Wall

This is the removable wall. You would use this when you only want to cool down one pop. To add it on, slide the grey connectors on the end onto the blue connectors on the main part. the blue rods should slide down into the white connectors below.

Step 11: Wall Holder

This is where you use the black things and is what will hold the removable wall. After this, just slide on the knex motor and you are ready to go. The second picture shows the cooler with the wall in place.

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    13 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    what if i dont have the small wheels what can i use to turn the pop?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    It's not a gun! Good use of bits, I'm still trying to find a non-gun use for what little I have... L

    sweet, i'd build it if i had the pieces, and i think this is the first time in years i have it called pop