K'nex Pseudo Semi Auto Pistol V2

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This is the version 2 of my pseudo semi auto pistol. First, I added grey rod firing pins instead of red rods to increase power.
I also made a slight modification to the trigger mechanism. I also made the gun longer to accomadate the longer firing pins.
if you want to see the first version of this gun, then click here.
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    This is not just a double barrel gun. I forget to put the part in the instructable
    about that it uses a alternating trigger mechanism. When you pull the trigger
    once, it fires one barrel. When you pull the trigger again, it fires the other barrel.
    If you still do not understand, then ask Oblivitus about the alternating trigger
    mechanism, because he came up with the idea.

    Ok, but this still isn't semi-automatic. I can ee what you're saying though. For the record, lets just call it a double-barrel-semi-automatic hybrid mech.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    i agree with the chunky sniper. call it whatever you want. pseudo semi auto, double barrel semi auto, alternating semi auto. whatever. this isn't innovative or new. it has been done before, and it isn't a semi-auto. it's an alternating repeater. the reason why it isn't a semi-auto is that it has a different trigger each time. i know, oblivitus' Z3 and SA 3252 have it, but they're still innovative and brand new. i have told oblivitus, when i was working with him, that i think he should make a 1 trigger mech on his SA 3252. i know how to do it too, but he says he doesn't have much time to work on it now that school has started again.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    What do you mean by "a 1 trigger mech" ? The Z3 is extremely large, so it is going to be REALLY hard to maneuver around in a war with it. Oblivitus said
    that it is 9 pounds. If this isn't semi auto, than no K'nex "semi auto" is. The only
    real K'nex semi auto would be something like the KLS-v2 or the W.A.S.P.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    i'm sorry. back when i made that comment i was a bit angry with my folks, and that tends to show on my comments. what you said is true, that this is a semi auto, for knex, but there is no true (pin) semi auto. it's a nice design, though i would have made 4 pins, as well as a magazine. also, maybe some way to cock both rams simultaneously.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    If this is a semi auto, what pushes the ram rod back for another shot? Great gun though and PLZ POST ASAP!!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! =D It uses an alternating trigger mechanism. When you pull the trigger once, it fires one of the firing pins, and when you pull the trigger again, it fires the other pin. You get two shots of semi auto. I might post it today.


    Nice gun! Do you maybe have an video of it in action? I'd like to see that (not needed) Also, how far does it shoot?

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    Do you have to have a youtube account to post videos? I haven't tested how far it shoots. Once I test it, I will tell you what the range is.

    No, I meant does a person need a youtube account to put videos on Instructables? Today I tested the gun, and it shot about fifty feet with two
    64 rubberbands.

    No (I think) I included an video in my bolt-action slideshow. Play a bit around with the slideshow and you'll find the option