Knex Pseudo Semi-auto Assault Pistol




Introduction: Knex Pseudo Semi-auto Assault Pistol

About: No information given. Because there is no need for information.

After coming up with an Idea, I thought I would make something like it and this is what came out: A pseudo semi auto pistol capable or shooting both shots at once, seprate, or in a burst like mode.
Good range for a semi auto
Ram lock
Semi auto
ONE true trigger

Longish reload (not as long as some)
Not to accurate
Barrels held by tape
Rarely trigger gets stuck

Credits: hannibaldevil (on youtube for his 'Magnum'.)
TrentCTV (Made a rough pistol like this on youtube, only could fire the barrels at the same time)
 Now I present: The Pseudo semi auto assault pistol
Will post if enough people like it and favorite.
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    5 years ago

    Simple yet effective, next step: a revolver magazine,

    4 replies

    Whew. Needs alot of tape, and alot of time. Man, how to get the cylinder to turn :P easy if oversized but, I would want to make it realistic.

    true, true, but wouldn't it be nice to fiddle around with the idea for a while?

    Yea. That would then be one of the most realistic design concepts in knex guns. And the slim mag ( Cylinder) Or a revolver would be very nice for concealed carrying :P Although I do not know why you would want to do that....


    5 years ago

    And with that, I mean a single barreled version

    Few more things to ass from the last message; I doubt this is in Oblivitus' concepts, I have only read two of them, I have never,ever seen this mech utilized in knex guns, thus crediting it all to me, and about .1% Oblivitus because that is the only thing I have seen that has use a mech like this in the same family: firing two barrels with ONE trigger, unlike every other pseudo concept I can thing of (I .E knexbuilds Pseudo v1 and v2). Please tell me if you have seen this mech after I post, because I have not on this site or youtube or KI. Hope this clears it up. If you REALLY REALLY want me to go in depth about the mech and how simple yet effective it works and how, Then you should respond. I do not feel like typing a few paragraphs (lol, like this) for a simple question. Anyways, request if you want me to go in-depth hardcore of the firing mech.
    FEW CLAIMS: I have not read EVERY SINGLE PAGE of oblivitus' concepts, nor probibly will. I based this mech off of a simple though about changing the length of a double barrel pistol with one trigger to simulate a 'burst'. I have not seen this mech ever, and I think this is very capable for pseudo semi's. I am thinking why am I typing these very long messages when I could be knexing? I belive I could type this until I get carpal-tunnel, but for other viewers sake I will end this.

    Ah, you should take a break and then try to PM me and explain the mech. :P If it's completely new and yours, it is completely new and yours.

    Yes and no; this is a concept similer yes, but not like Oblivitus' concept. It is like a simple block trigger except x2, only thing I think is relatable I belive is Oblivitus' Compacy Shotgun 3 (CS3). Basically that, except with two actual barrels, and instead of one long firing pin block, one for each of these barrels, different lengths, so when you pull the trigger a little one barrel fires, and the rest the other fires. I think the only way you would be able to get this is If I post. I think I will post soon because this doesn't have any negative feedback :).

    Double trigger? Like two triggers? That is why I engineered this keep in mind. It has one trigger for a more comfortable way of shooting both shots. I would almost say it's SEMI semi auto, or a pinch trigger, or even a half pull, but it's still one trigger that fires two shots. Thats what brings it out from other pseudos. Knexbuild's was really just two triggers side by side with the cog being the 'trigger'. I think mechs that are as simple as this have alot of potential in the knexing community. This can get as much range as a ram gun! To be honesty myself, this mech is yet so simple, yet I have never seen it until now. Ultra-Relible.