Knex R700 Sniper




About: Hey, my name is Matt, and i am well known as G-train. That sums up my life pretty much. IF YOU WANT ANY GUNS U WANT ME TO MAKE JUST LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!! I want to make a AK 47 bullpup (mag behind handl...

This is an old gun that i made and i've already taken it apart it so i wont post it. It had a good range of around 100 feet. It had a true trigger and trigger guard. Credit to killerk for the trigger mech.
Hope ya like the look of it.
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    too bad your stopping making guns, this is nice, a little bad the barrel bends, but most do. so 4.5* nice, BTW I used your stock in my R700 sniper, but I gave you the credit, I hope that is OK

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I really don't know how to post. If you saw my only instructable, you will see I didn't put steps because I don't know how.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i know how go to the main menu then there are 4 tabs beside the word INSTRUCTABLES then go to the one that says submit then choose start a new instructable then it tells u steps after u go to that tab