Knex RBG: Halo Plasma Rifle





Introduction: Knex RBG: Halo Plasma Rifle

A knex rubber band gun that looks and fires like the Halo plasma rifle. 
Plasma Pistol
-Automatic and semi-automatic
-Looks and fires like the halo plasma rifle
-Holds up to 20 rubber bands without spacers, and nearly no limit with them.
- Trigger only fires semi-automaticaly
- Inaccurate when fired quickly.
- Uses 2 modifies pieces.
- Takes a long time to reload.
Suggested use: Primary RBG
Similarities and differences (according to haloapedia)
Halo 1

- The sounds when firing are similar to my plasma pistol. 
- General colors and shapes are similar.
- Firing is different when using trigger (1 pull = 1 plasma bolt).
- Can only 20 projectiles (without spacers) compared to 200.
Halo 2 and 3
- Can only 20 projectiles (without spacers) compared to 400.
- The sounds when firing are different to my plasma pistol.
- Firing is similar when using trigger (1 pull = 2 plasma bolts).
- 20% less ammunition.
Halo 1, 2 and 3
- Length width and height are half of the real one.
- Mine is less detailed (e.g. No "fangs").
- Mine does not overheat, nor have overheat vents.
- Dual wieldable.
- Heavy, compared to other hand held knex guns

Step 1: Peices

Yellow: 3
Blue: 57
White: 24
Green: 14
Dark gray: 26
Light Gray: 8
Orange: 2
Red: 9
Green: 16
Purple: 12
Yellow: 19
Blue: 9
White: 2

Comment if I got any of these numbers wrong.

Step 2: Handle

 Follow the pictures.

Step 3:

Follow the pictures, and build two of the barrels.

Step 4: Assembly

Follow the pictures, then the video.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Follow the first picture.
Load before you add the exterior.
Hold the handle and shake the gun up and down. To fire more accurately, shake gently. To fire rapidly, shake it move vigorously.
Semi automatically:
1) Hold the bottom of the gun with your other hand and pull the trigger .The trigger is not supposed to move. Pulling it causes the handle to move.
2) Reset the handle by moving the bottom of the gun backward.

Video Here:

It reloads in a similar manner to plasma pistol, but you alternate between barrels to reduce the risk of firing when reloading.

Step 6: Last Minute Modifications.

Follow the pictures.



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    33 Discussions

    It's good that it takes a long time to reload cuz the plasma rifle can't reload at all also I found out how to attach the exterior way cool gun!!! Just make sure that you don't melee with it :) 5*

    1 reply

    Sorry for the double comment.



    this is awsome i am customizing it now that i have built it

    Cutting the yellow connector is optional. It's not necessary, but it would jam less often.

    Unless you can find a way to load the gun whit the outer shell on, then yes, you will have to load it before attaching the shell. It works perfectly fine without the shell, but won't look like the Halo plasma rifle

    i love the halo series, and i am happy to see that someone has made such an awsome replica ; ] does any one know how to make a good needler

    1 reply

    shame i may modify it to fire something if i do i will post it but over nice one

    It's a rubber band gun, it is supposed to shoot rubber bands, that is why i built it, too shoot rubber bands.

    yes and i may modify it to make it fire something else ok thats why i said it ok