Knex RBG Rifle [single Shot]

Introduction: Knex RBG Rifle [single Shot]

This is a pretty simple design, allowing for 1 rubber band to be shot at a time. What I've posted is just the mechanism [all the moving parts]. 

Step 1: Mechanism

Its pretty simple, allowing for 1 shot at a time. It includes the trigger and hook for the rubber band. Just attach this to any strong barrel and it will work... remember to include a place to attach the front of the rubber band [but thats pretty obvious].

Step 2: Hook Pieces

Step 3: Hook

Rubber band goes here.

Step 4: Hook Hinge

Step 5: Hook Hinge 2

Step 6: Trigger Pieces

Step 7: Trigger

Step 8: Trigger Hinge [same As Step 4 and 5]

do what you did in steps 4 and 5 for this [sorry i couldn't provide a different picture]

Step 9: Frame

For the next few steps you will only need one of these

Step 10: Trigger in Frame

Step 11: Hook in Frame

Step 12: Finish Frame

Attach the second frame piece 

Step 13: Add Other Gun Parts

This isnt specific, just make a barrel and a handle or whatever. Just make sure its strong.

Step 14: Done



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