K'nex RBG Sniper

About: Amateur photographer and dabbler in K'nex weaponry.

A relatively simple rubber band-powered sniper rifle. It has an attachment point for firing pretty much any ammo you can get to fit into it.

Pros: More powerful than a pistol
Looks more impressive
Shoots further
Can shoot rubber bands and ammo or just rubber bands.

Cons: Hard to hide
Barrel bends slightly
Rubber bands are stretched nearly to their breaking point, so they snap after few shots
Slow to reload
Awkward firing



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    16 Discussions

    Why call it an RBG sniper?
    It should be strengthened in the barrel, and called 'Knex Paper Plane launcher' or something to that effect. If you were to, though, make sure the band doesn't fly off with it!

    4 replies

    Sniping was the original intended use, and better suited for shooting inside. Paper airplane launching is just an added bonus.

    I'm working on how to keep the rubber band on the gun for more power, because I've already lost one attached to an airplane in a tree.

    I tried to build it, but mine kept breaking in half. Did I use the wrong rods. Could you try to please show more pics? Maybe it will help me understand this amazing and cool weapon.

    2 replies

    The issue is probably with your rubber bands. The rods are probably not an issue, because their strength comes from the way they are assembled. Would you mind showing me pictures of the way you built it and what broke? It'll help me when I take more detailed pictures, and also with knowing more about the gun. Thank you for the feedback!

    My apologies but i already took it apart before your comment came in. I build a desert eagle. And plus my computer was busted for a year, so i couldnt do much then. I tried to use my phone.

    Uses less parts. It might be stronger if it was totally filled out with whites or yellows, but with the rubber bands this uses it's not really worth it.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Mmm.... If it weren't for the trigger (which makes the gun what it is), It would be great.