Knex R.C.S.P. Mk1 (Reversed Crossbow Shotgun Pistol)




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This is a Reversed Crossbow Shotgun Pistol. It get the shotgun because it fires multiple projectiles; and pistol because it is also a pistol. It also features a somewhat reversed crossbow. Lets get to the pros and cons. THIS IS ALSO knex gun builder's SURPRISE GUN!!! This gun is in honor of him. Lets get to the pros and cons shall we?

Very Powerful
Reversed Crossbow
Shoots 3 Blue/Yellow rods
Range is 35-45 ft
Trigger blocks far back

Not accurate
Lacks a pin guide

***UPDATE*** This gun is not a very good shotgun. Dont make the Mk1.

Use this gun as a silly gun for a war. It has the power and range for a war. BUY ONE TODAY AT AMMUNATION *BOOM*



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    LOL it does. That gun is your surprise gun. A Mk2 is being developed; though the Mk2 will not have the shotgun feature. I am glad you like the gun =D