Knex RPG (rocket Launcher)




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K'nex RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher)

Step 1: Ready

Step 2: Reload

Step 3: Aim.....

Step 4: FIRE

sorry i cant catch a pic that fires.

Step 5: V2 Is Going to Be Made!!!



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    ArnoldS7Doc Penguin

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Try, adding some Stabulising fins start with three, positioned in a triangular fassion (evenly spaced perfectly!) if that does not work try Four as most of the Force Momentum is currently being lost behind the Rocket/Grenades bulky head or simply "skips" right over the Rocket ;)


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Pardon me, but I am not quite a Rocket Scientist so I am not sure of the Scientific name but I do believe the Military calls the part you are not familiar with a "Blast or Blasting Basket" basically it serves several purposes on Real Rocket Launchers (NOT Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers / RPG`s) but actual Rocket Launchers (usually those come in a variety of sizes from 52 mm Rockets the kind you see on fighter planes wing tips like the Side Winder and Black Devil Rockets right up to a massive 188 mm Rocket if memory serves nick named mini missiles like that which the Hydra Anti Tank / Material Rocket Launchers use) any ways the reason for those "Blasting Baskets" are to first ensure that most of the warm gasses ; super heated rocket fuel spray and in some cases even open flames reaching temperatures most industrial steel melting furnaces reach for a few split seconds of course goes out the back and not end up going out the front and back thus causing the explosives and rocket fuel in the rocket from exploding and also to ensure those super heated gasses do not stay inside the rocket barrel (which is no matter the design pretty close to the users face and arms) from heating the barrel and causing injury or death, these "Blasting Baskets" also cool much faster than any other part of the barrel making it easier to store the Rocket Launcher after use by standing it up right on the "Blasting Basket" and so also making sure the barrel cools down quicker as air would naturally (by laws of physics) funnel in a vortex fashion from the bottom being open as it "stands" or rather leans on the "Blasting Basket" and allow the air to funnel upward and out the top there is even certain times in WW2 and Vietnam where U.S. and British Soldiers used a married of ways to force air through the Launchers in a bid to cool them quicker they also quickly learned that throwing it in water or spraying it with water warps the barrel either inside or outside making it a giant pipe bomb.

    I have, read some where a while ago of a Sergeant in Vietnam who had a desk fan send to him on base office in Okinawa by his wife so he can use it to quickly cool of his Bazooka weather these rules still apply I am not sure with all the advancements made I doubt it but than again that is the military for you! die hard traditionalists at heart so those "Blasting Baskets" is probably just a traditional thing to add more than serving its original purpose these days but I can not be sure this is simply what I read / heard about and gleamed from my own research also most rockets acceding 52 mm uses extendable flight fins made from specially contoured titanium (I believe the newer Rocket propelled Grenades use these as well) I was fortunate enough to have known some one in the Air force who was attached to Missile and Rocket Development and he told me quite a lot and "en parted" ;) Stolen a used 68 mm Rocket for me though naturally the guidance and war head is no longer intact (obviously) but still I noticed that most of the internals of the propulsion system gets destroyed by sheer heat even before it reached its target and literally guides it self through force momentum into the target so if any one here wish to make a realistic replica of a rocket keep that in mind also the guide/flight fins fold open and uses a lock ring system to securely lock the fins in place, once I have a proper camera that functions well I may take some nice HD Photos of my 68 mm Rocket and upload here for reference and educational purposes only! I hope I helped you and others in understanding this fascinating science and area of human engineering ;)

    P.S. DO BE CAREFUL in constructing such things it is really terrifying once you do some real deep research into these areas how easy it is to make the real thing with out even having to have access to the Black Market or a military instillation I mean things as "complex" as a Hydra with fully advanced guidance rockets and systems! so be sure to venture into this area RESPONSIBLY! or else you will find your self in a VERY VERY BAD SITUATION! the type you see in movies and it will take several months to get your self out of that one!

    The Real problem arise with the cost involved a Hydra type full guidance system and accompanying Rockets (that includes: IR Guidance / "Fly By Ghost Wire" ; Laser Guided/"Fly by Wire" ; Lazing/Painting Guidance and also Day/Night Digital Manuel Guidance systems and sights all in ONE package) comes in at around between $1000 to $3000 Max including 4 to 8 Rockets! so you see be careful what information you expose online. Even though in my view any moron can find this type of information from any where!.

    Also, all this information is by definition conceptional and theory and even with out including actual war heads if you are so moronically inclined it is still a dangerous thing to build and even more so to operate! so I advice any one to rather not venture into building a fully operational replica with genuine rockets (that would "fly") basically stay away from explosives manufacturing and stay away from any rocket propellants like Flash Powder ; Black Powder ; KNO3 and other such Propellants it is not worth the risk!

    it does seem fun though in THEORY to pop in a couple of guidance systems and buy your self a one or two stage rocket model and going at it but that is in THEORY in reality the consequences wont be fun nor the time spend in jail and the permanent "red flag" or "danger to the public" labels you will get slaped with for the rest of your life and your childrens lives (yes they even monitor your children and their generations once you get "Tagged" !)

    Doc Penguin

    4 years ago

    yes it shoots but it goes 1 meter needs work

    Doc Penguin

    6 years ago on Introduction

    ok this is the discription
    it shoots doesnt x-plode
    very comfortable
    if i have 2 say the truth it is short range


    u should post it (with instructions) and have everyone esle who wants to make it go boom