Knex RUBBER BAND Motor And/or Knex Gun





Introduction: Knex RUBBER BAND Motor And/or Knex Gun

This is my FIRST instructable so plz don't be too harsh.

Before I start, please note that this DOES need improvement, and I meen it really does. But it works, so... yeah...

Also, you may have noticed it can also be a rubber band gun (title).. well to do that you just leave the blue piece off and do NOT cut the rubber band. You would turn it about 0.5 turns and release. The wheel will spin and launch the rubber band.

1 large yellow gear.

1 orange straight connector

5 Yellow (or grey) 5-way connectors

1 purple connector

1 blue connector (the purple connector and the blue connector should be able to attach without other pieces, but do NOT attach them yet... ;)

3 red (or tan) rods.

2 Yellow rods.

2 blue rods.

1 red (or grey) 3-way connector

2 tan clips.

1 rubber band (cut)

Step 1: Build It.

The intro should explain it. It is very simple. The next step is a video on HOW to USE it.

Step 2: HOW TO USE IT! (video)

If that did NOT work, then here is a link.
I ment to put 1.5 - 3

Enjoy. Please comment on the motor and post any improvements.
Also, please remember this is my first instructable, so please tell me how to improve it.

Thank you for taking the time to at least check this out. Have fun!



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    23 Discussions

    This "thing" looks like it needed updated even from 2 years ago...

    How to put this nicely... you desprately need better directions, and the parts you listed did not match up to your pictures at all. please re-do thhis because i really want to build it, thanks.

    why don't u use a gray connector attached directly to the rod and just loose the gear

    I made myself something like that in the past ,but when I put on more than 6 rubber bands the whole structure broke. At least this RBG gun you made works better than mine. Good gun. Note: I found that yours broke under 10 rubber bands.

    As some other guy said " just extend the rod"! but the "motor" spins for 5 seconds! what good is that! I used the idea to make a pull back or wind up car (in progress)

    Not much until I know of a way to improve it, because if you have too much on it the orange connector will be still while it turns, so it depends on if anyone will tell me a way to improve it, and then I would put it in the instructable ;) But for now... hmm... maybe a crappy fan? >_> XD

    Just extend the rod and leave the orange connector off. People will be able to use a spinning rod just as well as a spinning connector.

    Good point... also if you leave one of the tan clips off you may be able to make room to snap it to the side of the rod instead of the end. That might work for a piston or however it's spelled >_>