Knex Ratchet Gun




Introduction: Knex Ratchet Gun

About: Name: Tom Staying, Bye

Hi guys,
It's Me

This is a gun i made ages ago but never got round to posting it so don't bother be about mods, posting etc.

It uses my own ratchet system, gets good range and looks ok.
Ammo: Red connector with yellow rod

Here is the gun:
PS: Please rate high^^^^ i want to get onto the 4* barrier



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    Looks a little hard to load but it surecan take out an 8 yr old kid


    Quit flaming people, I like it. great job! 5* Both Ford and Toyota make trucks, but nobody goes around saying: "Omg, it has a cargo bay, u copyied Ford!" By the way Aeronous, I've noticed that you are unrelenting in your criticism, but most of your stuff is SLIDESHOWS. You have posted practically no instructables, so stop picking on the new people.

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    Not your own ratchet system. Check out the crossbows here. If you don't want to be a noob, try something innovative.

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    it is my own ratchet system!!! compare it to all the other ratchets its the most comfortable to pull

    I_am_Canadian stryker pistol ripoff.  Anyway, this should never pass the 4-star barrier.  And I don't rate, because people are always asking for peope to rate 5* or they want to pass 4* or whatever.  I only rate what I build.  If this was actually good or innovative it would pass 4*  This is a 2.5* project, not even close to 4*.

    If you want to get to the 4* barrier, try something innovative. I'm almost there lol. You are still a noob :P so I won't hate. You do get 5* for changing the trigger from kNeXfReek's one though. Uninovative. Overdone. So why am I smiling? IDK, you get 5* anyway.

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