K'nex Rear Suspension

Introduction: K'nex Rear Suspension

One of the two rear suspension design made by me. Both designs have the wheels situated on one continuous axle, and use elastic bands as the "rebound."

Both designs are relatively simple, and were originally made by me. If any other models exist, that were published before mine, have any resemblance, it is solely coincidental.


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Step 1: Overview

Taa-daa Suspension, model one! Along with the break-down of the sections you will make.

Step 2: The Suspension Arm!

Step 3: Suspension Apparatus... Huh?

Well, the suspension, what it is guided by, and how it attaches to the Suspension Arm

Step 4: Slap It Together!

Connect the Suspension Apparatus to the Suspension Arm

Step 5: One Step Will Rule Them All...

The Last Step, The Final Frontier!

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    2 years ago

    Can you plz add a piece inventory?