Knex Removable Mag Assault Rifle



About: Until i get more knex pieces (which i will not purchase), i am done knexing. I have been impressed by the creativity of the knexers on instructables more times than i can count...and now i say good bye and g...

Well i found a stock on the Oodammo Assault Rifle found i semi-modded it and put it on my gun...which is nothing special...i used The Dunkis's Trigger and modded his handle a little bit, both found here, and so far its my best AR ive Pros and Cons time, correct?

Removable Mag w/ internal pusher (fits 10)
Comfortable size
Blue Rod Ammo
Pretty Accurate
Comes with Plenty of Accessories
Ok range (20-25 ft)
Doesnt eat up alot of pieces

Stock is a little skelatal
Mag sometimes needs a little bump
Needs 2 broken pieces
In my eyes...its pretty out-dated
Not extremely easy to put mag in or take it out

If u like let me kno and THIS WILL NOT BE POSTED...if u really and truely find the need to build this gun...use the pictures



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    i cant, the skelatal part needs to be there to b able to make the firing pin work, ive tried many times to fix it and it hasnt worked