Knex Removable Magazine SMG - the Viper

Introduction: Knex Removable Magazine SMG - the Viper

Here is a new SMG I have created, the Viper. It has a removable, pre loadable magazine, and a new locking mechanism. I will not take credit for the locking mech, as I do not know if it has been done like this before. It is just fun to mess around with and could be used for close combat I guess. So here are some stats.
-Removable, preloadable magazine
-Good grip
-Six round mag
-Good mag lock
-Internal magazine pusher (yay, no annoying stick coming out of the bottom)
-Easy to load
-Has a mech where you can lock the pusher down for easy loading
- Good trigger, apart from the pin coming out when you pull trigger too far
So the gun is pretty good, apart from the fact that you need some good bands for good range. I have been working on a new removable mag, the first one I made wasn't good. The great thing is, it uses no broken pieces AT ALL. The mag uses green rods to hold the roof on, and the green rods are held in by tape. So you don't need to saw your pieces, so anyone with enough pieces, tape, and some rubber bands can build this. Request in comments if you want instructions, and I will most likely find time to do so. Hope you enjoyed my SMG! Cya



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