K'nex Revolver Chamber




Introduction: K'nex Revolver Chamber

Here I'll show you my take on the elusive revolver chamber. Many people have used duct taped spacers as their take. Or even worse they use those bulky chambers made from a million and a half 2 connection pieces. I went ahead and I believe I've come up with a solution that gunk up or destroys less, and in total only uses 6 pieces to house the ammo, which stores a total of 8 rods.

Step 1: The Chamber

This is made up of a 35 spoke yellow or grey gear turned so the spokes face down, an 11 spoke black gear to hold the ammo, an 8 connection white or black piece. They are held together with any rod of you choosing that works, and whatever clip that works for your build. You'll notice i have mine on a 4th size grey or yellow rod, with salmon single stopping clips.
This type of build has many advantages, like being lighter, more compact, and less gooey than duct taped spacers or alternative chamber builds.
It does however require the modification of one part. The 35 spoke grey or yellow gear must have a rod sized or larger hole punched in it to allow a single rod to go through it at a time, while still holding the others and allowing spin to take place.



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    this isn't meant to shoot. it is, as the name says, only the chamber. that means it's job is to hold the ammo and rotate.

    No I meant it wouldn't allow it to shoot sorry, was in a bad mood when writing comments yesterday :/

    well its only a concept, not really a full gun. Im sure this would perform very well in a revolving gun.

    I do include that in my description if you read. it says you must make a hole in the 35 spoke gear for a rod to exit.

    otherwise this is only meant to hold the ammo in place and have rotating action.