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About: I used to build with K'nex. Now I am in the process of joining the United States Army as an 11x.

Here it is. My first knex rifle.

So, first of all, thanks to Lucas the Boss for suggesting that my next gun be that of my own design, without that I don't think I would have gone through the work of building it. XD And credit to Red for the idea of stringing the bands over the grey gears.

So anyway, it is a simple pin, removable magazine rifle. Due to it shooting connectors, there is less of a problem with friction from the other rounds making the first few shots short range. The magazine locks into the gun with no need for tape to help keep it in the weapon. It also can hold 7-10 rounds. I prefer 7 rounds, for some reason. Pin pull is pretty good, but sadly, the pin pushes the round instead of hitting it, and as a result, it doesn't get the range it is capable of otherwise. I did not really test the reliability, but after 80 some rounds it has not failed me once. (Except when I tried to shoot blue rods out of it.) It also has some really nice sights of the aperture variety. If you want to know more about aperture sights, here you go. Length of pull is good, for me anyway, and it has a built in pin guide. (Yes!) It shoots a green rod+orange connector+green rod.

The handle is TD's and, I think that it fits well with gun.

The gun is also very well balanced.

Using two #64 bands it gets around 50 feet. The bands are not stretched much, and I can pull the pin back with my left hand... easily. (I am right handed.)

It has a very nice color scheme that fits the gun, and I love the looks.

Please comment and favorite and subscribe! Since I have given you guys a full ible piece count included, you can have your very own in a couple of hours.


In the instructions, you will see the cut off end of a rod. Do not use it! Swap it for a normal green rod, as this will increase pin pull slightly and make the trigger lighter.

Another thing is that you may see Killerk's pin on the gun. The problem with it is that the pin will disconnect from the pin guide. Use a pin like that on this rifleas this will work way better. One last thing, do NOT put the tan clip on the pin guide. I had it like this when I had a broken rod in the trigger, but since I changed the rod, the clip just hinder pulling the pin back.

So... #BuildAgressionNow

Sorry for the awful picture quality. I took some of the pictures at night, and I am never going to do that again.

If you have seen any of my other ibles, you know what will happen to you if you do not build. At the least, comment and subscribe, or you will be in trouble. :P

Step 1: Parts List

OK, here is the parts list. I think it is accurate, enough to be very useful, anyway.

Green rods: 221

White rods: 77

Blue rods: 13

Yellow rod: 1

Black rods: 2 (They can be grey, if you don't have any black rods, but it will be a lot more prone to breaking.)

Ball socket joint: 1

Yellow connectors: 103

White connectors: 20

Blue connectors: 20

Green connectors: 14

Red connectors: 19

Orange connectors: 18

Grey connectors: 4

Grey clips: 18

Blue hinge halves (Should just be grey clips) 2

Y clips: 14

Tan clips: 4

Blue clips: 1

Blue spacers: 5

Cut white rods: 5

Size #64 bands: 6

TOTAL: 556

Step 2: Build These Parts.

Ok, read ALL the image notes. Sorry if it is confusing, but when I took the pics I was in a rush.

Step 3: BUILD!

Just follow the image notes. All of the notes don't make up for the bad picture taking, though. As for the two orange connectors at the end of the barrel, remove them. It seems to work better without them.

Step 4: Use.

Ok, take your magazine, and load up some rounds. Insert the magazine into the weapon. This may be difficult at first, but it becomes better with practice. As you can see, (hopefully) the green (In this case black) rod locks into the metallic colored orange connector.



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, I think so...

    One of those circular mags - I think we are on the same idea anyway...


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks man! Something is wrong with the comment system, it says that you made the comment -417 minutes ago. XD


    4 years ago

    Very nice! I like your angle with this gun, a clean performance based gun and I also like your building style and preferences towards mag locks.
    Overall really like how this turned out, and I'd like to see what else you got planned.

    1 reply

    Thank you so much! Yep, I like the mag lock. Tape is OK, but it sort of ruins the mag's looks. Not really a performance gun, at least not outdoors. Indoors it would be pretty good, but the round loses the accuracy after 30-40 feet, so no good for indoors.

    Oh, and thanks for the subscription! I promised Lucas I would post his SMG, after that, I am thinking of some sort of bullpup hammer gun, as it is very hard to get a short bullpup with a pin.