K'nex Rifle: Betrayal + Internals





Introduction: K'nex Rifle: Betrayal + Internals

About: I enjoy archery, knives, and building weapons. I used to build with K'nex.

Hey. So it's been a while, since my last post, but oh well. What I have for you is a rather decent K'nex yellow rod blaster. It works fairly smoothly and is reliable. It's also good looking and fun to shoot. It looks like a cross between an ACR and a Barrett or something. It would make an OK K'nex indoor war gun, but it does have a slow reload. If you wanted to turn it into a war gun, chop the entire barrel off and remove the 6th and 7th layers, so you can lock the connectors down. Here's some stats, with the version shown in the pictures. Without the barrel it could do better.

~Shoots 50 feet.

~Fairly piece consuming.

~Quite reliable.

~Looks good enough.

~Non removable magazine.

~17 round capacity.


~Stock is slightly flimsy.

~Pin guide.

~A few cut rods.

~Shoots yellow rods.

~7 layers.

~No rear sight.

So what do you guys think? Make sure to comment below. There are internals too, if you want to build it. Be sure to subscribe if you want to be the first to see my builds!

Step 1: Internal Pictures.

Here you go, guys. If you need any help, please contact me. I'd be glad to offer assistance. Sorry for the image quality. It seems to get worse every time. I don't know why. I'll try to get the lighting and such better next time.



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    Very nice gun! BTW, I love your outdoor pictures! Favorited.

    this I have a feeling would work very nicely with a forward charging handle, it seems to hold the pin pull in place pretty well so if you got in a slide on the top and mount points for side handles I think it would be pretty competitive in indoor battles

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    Yeah, a slide could be added fairly easily. The first prototype of this was only five layers, and it had the stock set up better for that, along with a banana blue rod magazine.

    Nice! but if you added and Internal pusher a removable mag and some other features it would really spice it up. Do you have any other guns in the works? I have been doing more with LEGO recently but I have some other KNEX ideas i'm going to try out.

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    Thank you! An internal pusher in the magazine would be nice.

    I tore it up yesterday, but I haven't been able to get a frame I like going, so nothing is gonna happen too soon.

    Why don't you like the outdoor photos? My indoor photo quality is worse.

    Well, I personally don't mind guns in different shells, but I understand. One of the things that is unique with this, is it blends performance with looks, and you don't see that TOO often. Getting it to shoot reliably took some work, but I don't like posting guns that don't shoot well. I lost quite a few y clips to jams before I get it working smoothly.

    Thanks. I'll try to pump another gun out it the near future.

    Nice gun dude it's a shame you were too late to enter it into the contest hey btw have u seen mines turret gun yet?

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    It's cool but I'm not crazy about how far the magazine is, I would have put a ar style mag in it. Other Than that, good job.

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    Thanks. About 8 y clips lost their lives when I tried a blue rod mag. They would jam, break the clip, and I would take it apart and try again. That was before I set it up with a green rod instead of a y clip and a cut rod and two spacers to keep that from snapping out. I already had the yellow rod mag installed, and so I left it that way. I like yellow rod ammo more.