K'nex Rifle Red Dot Sight

I made this scope for a different gun but it will still work for this one. if it looks a little weird then just shorten it or something. and i'm just going to put pictures of the whole thing already built because its pretty easy to build if you just look at it close enough. If too many people are having trouble i will post whole instructions. I also took the gun apart so i just made the top rail just lo let you guys know... If you have any problems or question just ask!!!

            Thanks for looking and COMMENT PLEASE!, RATE PLEASE!, and SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!!

EDIT  ||  APRIL 20, 2011  ||   i will try to make instructions for those of you who need it... sorry i havent been on for a while, but as soon as i get the  time ill do my best.




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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you cant compliment your own instrctables... Wait you ARE knex.gun.builder too right?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    hows about i change my pic atleast... lol i didnt mean to impersonate you but i just thought it was a good name and ive seen like 3 other people with the same name just with like _ instead of spaces or dots so i just thought why not use dots... so i did... sorry if you dont like it...


    All you have to do is get a red marker and color the little orange dot red then its red dot :D