K'nex Rifle - the Destroyer

Introduction: K'nex Rifle - the Destroyer

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I've been working on something a bit different, and this is it. It's not that different, it's just a way I thought would make a turret gun easier to hold without a vertical grip. You see, I have pretty average arms, and when I've built previous turret weapons, (e.g 'The Racker Rifle', My own 'Slider Rifle'), My arm just feels awkward holding that grip in the front, even if there isn't one there. That's because the gun has very little space between the front end and the handle/trigger. And you can't hold it like a pistol, because it's very front heavy, and the handle could break, (I guess you could, but it's a rifle, not a pistol; it's bigger and heavier than a pistol.). So here is my solution to that problem; The new K'nex rifle, The Destroyer.

The turret is held on a long gray rod, and an extension on the front of the barrel gives space for a grip. Any grip can be used; my grip was just put together in about five minutes because I wanted to get the done for an instructable. You can customize your own grip if you want. Now, this attachment to the front of the gun makes it very heavy, which would've been a problem before. But now this places for a grip gives you a comfortable way to hold a turret gun.

It has an iron sight, and is actually quite accurate for up to about 25 feet with three #32 rubber bands. Another update is a working safety. Instead of the safety blocking the trigger from moving, I decided to put the safety on the turret. The gun can fire, but the safety prevents the turret to rotate into position so the ramrod can strike a round. So, even if the gun is fired, nothing will ever come out if you have the safety on.

Now, all that said, here are some Pro's and Con's for other aspects of the gun.

- Pro's -

Very sturdy

Good front grip positioning (previously explained)

Good Range 35 - 40 feet.

Looks awesome

Only one cut piece, but kinda necessary

- Con's -

The Trigger can jam if you don't have the broken piece.

You can't put oodamo rounds in this....the maximum size of a connector to put on the end is a blue or tan clip


Please leave your thoughts in the comment section!


****I will be making instructions for this. Just give me a week or two.****

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    The Knex Inventor
    The Knex Inventor

    3 years ago

    This gun looks absolutely amazing! You should post instructions for it, as I for one would most defiantly build it! Favorited and subscribed. :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! This deserves a full write-up for sure.