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About: Hi, I like to build K'nex models (usually Guns). I'm adventurous and I have a PS3 :) 90% of all teens would cry if Myspace or Facebook were destroyed. If you are one of the 10% that would sit and laugh, put...

I Built this K'nex Rifle And it is quite good :) Hope you like it!


Comfy Handle
Nice to hold
Easy Reload at Top AND Bottom!!
Storage for 8 Bullets
Holds 8 bullets in mag!
Good Trigger Mech
Shoots about 40 ft


Barrel is a little flimsy (but it doesn't really have an effect on the range).



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    thanks, this is my first instructable which i forgot to mention. But overall this is the perfect gun for me, which is why i made it :) thanks again!