Knex Rifle

Introduction: Knex Rifle

About: I like to play my DS, make knex guns, play PS2, hang out w/ friends, watch TV, jump on the trampoline, and surf the web.

Hi. This is my first instructable. This gun is kind of powerful. I shot it about 40 feet. I hope you like it. Please comment!

Step 1: Piece List

Orange- 42
White- 28
Yellow- 24
Gray- 23
Purple- 16
Green- 13
Red- 12
Blue- 9
Light Gray- 3
Ball Socket- 2

Green- 48
Blue- 43
White- 40
Yellow- 21
Red- 10
Long Bendy Rod- 8 (You only NEED 1)
Black- 1
Black (Sharpened)- 1

Black (Hand)- 14
Tan- 2

Silver- 17
Blue- 9

Small rubberband- 1
Large rubberband- 1
String- A couple feet
Tape- A lot!

Step 2: Handle

Make the handle.

6 yellow connectors, 12 blue rods, 15 white rods, 3 light gray connectors, and 3 green connectors

1. Make 3 of these
2. Connect with white rods

Step 3: Scope

The scope.

7 Bendy rods, 3 white connectors, and 14 black hand clips

1. Make this twice
2. Connect with bendy rod and add other white connector
3. And so on...
4. Completed product

Step 4: Barrel

This is the barrel.

4 red rods, 4 blue rods, 4 green connectors, 4 red connectors, 6 green rods, 4 yellow connectors, 2 ball socket connectors, 4 yellow rods, 3 blue spacers, 11 silver spacers, 14 orange connectors, and 16 gray connectors

1. Make this
2. Make this
3. Add orange connectors and blue rods
4. Connect both sides
5. Add ball sockets and gray connectors
6. Add green connectors

Step 5: Butt

Make the butt.

5 yellow rods, 1 long bendy rod, 6 orange connectors, 2 gray connectors, 4 blue spacers, 2 silver spacers, 1 blue rod, 4 yellow connectors, and 2 green rods

1. Make this twice
2. Connect with blue rod, yellow rod, and orange connectors
3. Add spacers, gray connectors, and orange connectors
4. Insert long bendy rod

Step 6: Main Body

Make the main body.

1 blue connector, 4 red rods, 4 red connectors, 2 gray connectors, 12 yellow connectors, 6 green connectors, 25 white connectors, 21 orange connectors, 8 blue rods, 23 white rods, 32 green rods, and 8 yellow rods

1. Make this twice
2. On ONE add orange connectors, blue rods, the blue connector, yellow connectors, green rods, and 4 white connectors
3. Make this
4. Put on blue rod
5. Add another white connector
6. Add the other side of the main body

Step 7: Bipod

Make the bipod (I know, it's crappy, but it works and allows the gun to be true trigger (kind of).

18 blue rods, 2 white rods, 4 red connectors, 8 blue connectors, 16 purple connectors, 3 gray connectors, 1 orange connector, 2 tan clips, 10 green rods, 2 red rods, 4 yellow rods, 4 silver spacers, and 2 blue spacers

1. Make this
2. And this
3. This too
4. Connect picture 1 with the last picture
5. Connect picture 2 with the last picture
6. Make 2
7. Connect
8. Add red support rods

Step 8: Connect and Make Firing Pin

See title for assisstance.

Everything made so far, tape, the black rod, the sharpened black rod, an orange connector, 2 green rods, and a gray connector

1. Connect handle and main body
2. Add butt
3. Add barrel
4. Now scope
5. Bipod
6. Take off these
7. Take off these
8. Insert sharpened black rod
9. Add orange connector
10. Add black rod
11. Add gray connector
12. Completed
13. Hold on to these (One more thing to do(2 steps))

Step 9: Tape

Refer to title.

Look at the title!!!

1. Wrap tape around here a couple times
4. And you might want some here too

Step 10: String

I'm not going to say anything.

Still not saying anything.

1. Tie string on here. Make sure the trigger is as far forward as it will go; this is crucial. I think :) 2. Thread the other end through here
3. Tie the end on this. Make sure the whole string is tight and that the firing pin is out of the way of the block and the block is all the way down, stopping the firing pin.
4. Tie a string 6 or 7 inches long onto here

Step 11: Add Rubberbands

Hmmmm.... I wonder what you need to look at.

Still wondering.

1. Small rubberband: Tie onto here and loop over ball socket
2. Thread large rubberband through firing pin
3. Other ends go on here
4. Take these...
5. And connect here.
6. Take these...
7. And connect here.

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    8 years ago on Step 6

    yeah it bends near that spot where there's 6 white connecters


    10 years ago on Introduction

    plz make one with mag cant stand loading over and over  (T^T)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    A firing pin strikes the primer of a cartridge to fire a round out of it; it doesn't propel rods out of a plastic barrel. A scope on a gun magnifies the view of the shooter and usually doesn't obstruct it. A rifle is a gun with a rifled barrel.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    what does it shoot?????????????????????????????


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    umm. i cant remember. i think... red? or yellow..?


    10 years ago on Step 11

    Mate that is a sick gun best one iv made it was brilliant i will make a mod for the bendy body if i can but that not a bit problem it is still prillient i will tell you about the mod if i make 1 i minght not need to


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    kk. what's your favorite games? i like king kong, guitar hero, and shadow of the colossus.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    guitar hero 3, i can play my name is jonas on expert. it took 4 hours of practice


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    lol no... the best game is final fantasy X (10) and final fantasy 7 ( i dunno the old number thingy)


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    totally agree i love the FF series but X X-1 and XII are the best P.S the Roman numeral for 7 is VII


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    shouldve remembered thanks. right now im playing number 9. ITS SICK. is X X-1 11 and the other one 12?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    nah 11 is XI and yes 12 is XII but X-I is something like 10 part 2 even though it's a one Damn now im confused