Knex Rock Crawler




Introduction: Knex Rock Crawler

Here's my Knex rock crawler. It has four wheel drive and full rubber band leafspring suspension. The frame, axles, hood, suspension, and interior are mine but the body panels and cab are gunner1089's. The suspension is a 4 link with a track bar, front and rear. It has an 8 point roll cage. It's driven by 2 motors one per axle. each axle is geared down for better crawling. 



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    man i need to make one of my crawlers again. its ok but put bigger and wider tires, it ll help trust me.

    now i know what i am going to build after my toyko drift monte carlo. lol

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    5 1/2 gears are the biggest. I use them.

    Just modded the suspension. I turned the front and rear into a trailing arm type but converted so it could still work on solid axle.

    Nice one =D I would make one but meh I dont really build cars no more lol.