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Introduction: Knex Roller Coaster Station

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This is a boarding station for roller coasters that I actually built a long time ago, while I was building the Death Trap. The whole thing is made out of micro pieces*. All you need to build it is the Vertical Vengeance set, but I still made a parts count in the next step. The cars simply go slowly through the station, and there's a walkway to make it more realistic. It can be extended to make it longer, and another walkway could be added to the other side, but there aren't enough pieces in one Vertical Vengeance set to do so.

*If you don't like/have micro pieces to build this, I made a standard piece version right here.


Step 1: Parts List

Here's all the parts you'll need. The rods are named by their real colors, but the connectors are named after original classic-colored connectors. Please tell me if you don't know what a certain piece is.

Note: All of these are micro parts.

Short black-17
Metallic blue-12
Metallic green-9
Long black-6

Dark gray-15
Light gray-2

Track piece-1
Chain link-56
Gray gear-4
White spacer-17
Blue spacer-12
Black Y clip-11
Black snap cap-5
Chain guide-7
Orange end piece-1
Tan lock-2
Cars-at least 1

Total pieces: 385

If you have all these pieces, then let's get building!

Step 2: The Motor Section

This section will hold the motor. It consists of three parts: A,B, and C. After you build those you'll connect all parts together. Pay attention to the image notes.

Step 3: The Bottom

This section includes the back gears. You'll build parts A and B, and then you'll combine the two parts.

Step 4: The Boarding Platform

This platform will be beside the track. It also has two parts. You'll combine them to complete step 4.

Step 5: The Track

This track goes through the middle of the station. The cars will move from the back end to the front. Make sure it is facing the right way!

Step 6: Combining Steps 2-5

In this step you're combining all the stuff you've built so far.

Step 7: The Chain

Your station will be nothing without chain, so put it on! It does matter which way you attach it, so pay close attention to the pictures. Make sure all the chain links are facing in the same direction.

Step 8: The Top

You're almost done! Simply build the top and add it to the station.

Step 9: Finished!

Congrats, you are finished with your creation! Just put the cars on and you'll be able to add the station to a roller coaster.
As always, feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks for viewing, and have fun!



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    37 Discussions

    The only reason that was there was to allow more speed to attach to the next chain lift. But it is annoying, because you'd be able to make the boarding platform bigger.

    Do the cars from the new roller coaster sets work with the old screamin serpent track (i'm guessing not but just to make sure)

    1 reply

    I have the set serpent's spiral coaster
    which color rod is what?
    red for ssc= blue for (urs)

    1 reply

    how f***** many cars do you have!

    nice work btw

    p.s. youre ball machines are very good!

    1 reply


    Try making a better one like the one on Hydra, or Goliath.

    But keep up the good work anyways :3

    I know the design of the station is very basic, but I'm not very good with coasters. I'm more of a ball machine person. :-)

    Same with me...

    But I can't build anything even by myself only stuff posted with instructions ;p

    Because I had them available at the time I built it. But I am making a normal piece version.