K'nex Roman Candle Shooter: the Caesar Shooter




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Hello and thanks for viewing this! This is version two of my Operation Roman Candle gun: the Caesar Shooter! Built as a heavy bolt weapon, this gun provides a larger alternative to my other roman candle shooter. It can be fired as a rifle, or shoulder fired like a rocket launcher. Range is around 800-900 feet! :P Not many pictures are given, because this version was not as good as my other one. If this is built by anyone, please remember that I am NOT responsible for ANY problems, damage, or injury/casualty caused by this creation. Thank you.



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    I like the other one better, but this one's pretty cool, still. 800-900 foot range is always an absolute, definite, insane pro. Something tells me the ammo is not cheap, though. >:L This also obviously wouldn't work at a war as it would kill quite a few people, but...

    It's absofreakinglutely, insanely beautiful.

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    Yeah the other one is way better. Not only does this one look bad, but its fragile... I lost like twelve separators under my dad's car for two days over the fourth of july weekend until he moved it... :/ and yes, it would be able to cause massive damage to any living thing it hits... The 'bullets' explode... But the ammo isnt that expensive. I got like two five packs of roman candles for under $10, and each candle shoots ten rounds! And is "absofreakinglutely" a real word?! I had to reread it like three times to get it... :/ :P

    Sorry for the late reply, but no, absofreakinglutely is not a real word; I just made it up. :3 I didn't know Roman candles were that cheap; that's pretty cool.

    And that last part kind of sucks. Luckily it didn't damaged your dad's car, right? Hopefully? :3

    Haha no no damage. They just got knocked off. Thats why I think the Banshee is better than the Caesar. (Because the Caesar was kind of fragile towards the stock area, with all of those caps and separators sticking out). The build for the Banshee will be coming out this weekend! Hopefully it'll post right! :)

    Yeah, I'm about to post something as well, and if it doesn't post right, I'm going to kind of annoyed, but I guess that there's nothing we can do about it. :I


    I may try to get a video when i can get a large field and the right weather conditions. I couldn't get a vid on the fourth because it was raining for two weeks straight, and now im not sure if its 'legal' to shoot them off. There's no place where i can get far away from people, because i live in a shopping/ suburban area. I probably will have to wait until Labor Day. :(