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Introduction: Knex Rotating Coin Display

About: Hi, I'm KneXtreme. I'm a Christian and I'm home schooled. I love to build with almost anything especially knex. I also do Taekwondo and collect coins. Just so you know, I don't hang around youtube ...
     Ever since I saw the rotating coin display at the coin shop I use to shop at, I've wanted to build one, out of Knex of course :-)
The rotating coin display is aprox.15"x 10"x 10". It holds 12 coins and could probably hold more if you make it longer. The version I built is much smaller than the actual one. That's because I'm using most of my Knex for another project. See the rotating coin display in action in the video below. 

I'd appreciate it if you would vote for it in the Rods and Connectors Contest.


Step 1: Parts List

All the Knex parts are listed in they're classic colors.

  • grey connectors - 17
  • light grey connectors - 2
  • orange connectors - 11
  • red connectors - 18
  • green connectors - 5
  • yellow connectors - 30
  • white connectors - 4
  • purple locking connectors - 58
  • blue locking connectors - 10
  • green rods - 46
  • white rods - 52
  • blue rods - 47
  • yellow rods - 31
  • red rods - 12
  • grey rods - 2
  • large bendy rods - 4
            Clips and Spacers
  • Y-clips - 12
  • blue clips - 3
  • tan locking clips - 15
  • washers - 2
  • blue spacers - 5
  • silver spacers - 12
  • black hinge halves - 8
  • small gears - 2
  • medium gears - 2

Step 2: Side 1 Part 1

Step 3: Side 1 Part 2

Step 4: Side 2 Part 1

Step 5: Side 2 Part 2

Step 6: Connecting Side 1 and Side 2

Step 7: Coin Holders

Step 8: Connecting the Coin Holders

Step 9: Your Done!

Congrats! Your done! Now you can proudly display some of your finest coins.



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    26 Discussions

    Where do you get the motors?

    The rotating part is unnecessary, but the coin display is really good!

    I collect coins to my oldest is from 1845 and I just got a Morgan silver dollar


    A Roman coin from A.D. 70. I'm not sure what it's called. My favorite is a 2-cent coin from 1858. What about you?
    By the way, I'm also a homeschooled Christian. :-)

    Whoa! I don't have anything close to that. My oldest coin is a 1862 indian head penny. My favorite coin I have is a Jamestown 400th Anniversary uncirculated silver doller. What's your most valuable coin? Nice to see another homeschooled Christian :-)

    My most valuable coin is probably one of my Morgan silver dollars. However, I have a medallion that's 3 1/2 oz. gold. That's obviously much more valuable. (The bank holds on to it) By the way, what belt are you?

    Cool! I'm quite familiar with taekwondo. (I've lived in Korea for the past 3 years) Ironically, I was always too busy with school to actually learn. :(

    Thanks. He, he, he :) It's a secret. Let's just say it's kind of like a cross between a roller coaster and a ball machine.