Knex Rubixs Cube




Introduction: Knex Rubixs Cube

Started Making a knex rubixs cube but wont be able to finish for a while because i am going to need more pieces but this is what i have so far



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    did you end up finishing the build?

    I figured out how to make a corner piece!


    If yo finished, can you make an instructian then? (5*)

    HOLY COW, THAT's AMAZING! I never thought that was possible. Can't wait to see the result.
    If you complete this and it works you'll earn a subscription.

    I get the concept, and its a great idea but the axle points in the last picture don't fully work. They are not going to turn without turning the cubes on the other sections, or breaking the white rods holding it in place.

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    its not fully complete yet and theres parts of an actual rubixs cube next to it so you can sort of see the resemblence

    its a nice idea and could use a little more effort and time which im positive that u put alot of that into this but its a little incomplete 4*

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    i no its incomplete i just need more pieces to complete it somemore and i will post more pics of it once i get it some more complete