Knex SMG

This is a cool SMG That i build its very nice , the stock is pretty comfertabel

PS give a comment for the next knex gun.

Step 1: The Special Thing

It has a special stock attachemend wich Will always work with other stocks



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    The resemblance is a bit uncanny, isn't it? It's alright if you looked at my gun and modified it. The stock is entirely different plus other bits and pieces are a little different here and there so I'm not saying that this -is- my gun, but again it clearly inspired it.

    the knex gun boy

    3 years ago

    Its not thedunkis UMP i made it from a picture with a soldier with a UMP if you want TheDunkis UMP tell it me

    Lucas The Boss

    3 years ago

    You need to put the TheDunkis's UMP in the credits