Knex S.M.U. (Super Mini Uzi)

About: Hi. I've sold off about 99% of my k'nex, but I still come here to check in on instructables, every 2 weeks or so. I like seeing what's new in the k'nex, and also other sections. I may or may not post my K'n...

This is the first Uzi I have on 'ibles.

Compact in size
Good Range 20-30 ft
Has some recoil to it
Mag can hold 13 rounds
Very easy to make
Reliable for a handle mag

Not the best looking
Not as powerful as my SP- series pistols
Mag does get stuck
Cannot fit in your pocket too well
Uses green rods

This is a good reserve weapon to have if the primary and secondaries fail. This gun is the underdog of my pistols, but it is the olny handle mag that has not really failed yet. This is one of the few handle mags that work good and are reliable. Anyone can make this gun!!!  

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    15 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    he doesn't need to put instructions because you can make it form the first pic.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Can you plz post pictures on how to build it cause i really want to build this and im having trouble seeing how its built??


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, It is not the best uzi on this site, so yeah I myself would call this a meh. You have to know that it only takes like 5 mins to make if youre an expert. My favorite gun from you is the P90.