Knex SOBR-922 Prototype

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I present to you a new Battle Rifle that I thought of making. It has a new mag type that ive never used. It is a...... READ THE STATS!

Very Powerful
Good range 30-45 ft
Internally pushed mag
Not a standard repeater (uses a bolt)
Far block back

Somewhat unrelaible
Mag is funky
Only holds 9 shots

Oh, for those who I told there would be a Barrett, that project got cancelled.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    York, Pennsylvania got like nothing other than like 4 inches of rain and a little wind lol. What did Elmira get?


    I like this. Try using connector ammo for improved performance. I see you used the Zaktangle's mag design. A very reliable yellow rod mag.

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    Cheers. =D My mag is slightly different than Zak's, different pusher and it uses broken orange connectors instead of the gray connectors. Zak's mag was a little too unreliable for my liking. And my mag's pusher is also completely internal, no bands sticking out the sides, just one flexi-rod as the pusher.

    Yea the mag would only stay together if I used tape. This gun is surprisingly unreliable, as the mags are still a little funky. But the priming handle problem is fixed.