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So after a conversation with Dr. Richtofen and watching some youtube, I decided I wanted to try my hands on a Saiga 12, and I did, using Dr. Richtofens old failed saiga 12's body, and TLF93's M4 CQB's stock,
and now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the one of a kind, Saiga 12!

Step 1: Pros and Cons

here we will discuss the pros and cons of my Saiga 12

-adjustable stock(2 lengths)
-removable mag
-tactical rails(under the barrel)
-68,5cm / 86,1cm
-moving trigger
-muzzle break

-stock is a bit wobly
-triggerguard breaks sometimes
-took up almost all of my green and black rods
-cut parts needed

Step 2: Stock

here we will talk about the stock
this is the adjustable stock TLF93 used on his M4 CQB rifle a while back, I saw a Saiga on youtube using an adjustable M4ish stock so I wanted to use a stock that looked the same, this is why I used this stock, not other stocks.

Step 3: Body

here we will talk about the body I used, credits go to Dr. Richtofen for his old (failed, as he stated) Saiga 12 in his Failed and unposted guns ible,
I modified the body so it would look good and be sturdy, I left the griprail in because I hate it when guns have no rails.
I didn't add a grip for the following reasons; I thought it was comfy enough, and I ran out of green/black rods (I have three or four left)
The mags are this long in real too, because Saigas don't use Dualstack mags like modern ARs and pistols, this is good tho because if they did you would have a very fat mag!

Step 4: The Mag

this will be kept short, since there is not much to cover,
I wanted a long mag, that would mean I had to make a 10 round mag max, since there is no 11 round mag and 12 round and higher are drum mags with the saiga, not wanting to make a heavy piece consuming drum mag and wanted to make a 10 round-ish box mag I made this, it's pretty heavy and big

Step 5: Barrel

This will also be kept short
I wanted a short sturdy barrel(which I indeed got) with some sort of muzzle-break, well this is what came out of my hands

Step 6: Last Words

I really enjoyed building this shotgun, this will also be my entry in the upcomming knex contest, which will be helt next month, I will participate in this contest for fun!
again here are the credits;
Stock - TLF93
Body- Dr. Richtofen
Magwell wall thing- The Red book of Westmarch

If you were to find anything that was/is made by you please do say so, I will put your name into the Credit list.

oh and yes that is a real 12 gauge shotgun shell, keep in mind that this one is fired thus it's a bit longer, so don't think the mag is off scale.



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    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you bruh
    I really love this gun,
    I tried to make a galil styled charging handle, but I was to lazy to finish it xD


    Reply 3 years ago

    It would sound like the very spawn of satan would be laughing


    Reply 3 years ago

    It looks like an all around great build! Very well done. :)

    Kona-chanLucas The Boss

    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks man! it's hella fun to play around with, only if I had pieces left for a red dot and magpull CQB grip that would be beast!
    what are you up to bruh?

    Lucas The BossKona-chan

    Reply 3 years ago

    No problem, I'm
    Working on a Remington 700 replica but I'm waiting for the knex contest to launch before I post because I think it has a good chance of placing.