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Introduction: K'nex Santa Sleigh

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Oh no! It's almost Christmas Eve, and Santa's sleigh is broken down! How will he deliver the presents to all of the good children around the world?! No worries, K'nex can solve the problem! You, being Santa's elves, should easily be able to fabricate a new sleigh from the K'nex you have in your workshops! It's up to you to build a replacement sleigh and ensure that Santa can do his job and make Christmas merry for all good boys and girls! Hurry now, only a few more hours!

Step 1: Parts

Quick! Send some elves to look for parts in the toy workshops. You will need:

-13 white connectors
-49 red connectors
-4 green connectors
-4 purple loop connectors
-8 "Y" connectors
-36 blue caps
-55 green rods
-10 light blue bendy rods
-10 blue rods
-4 red rods
-3 white rods
-4 tan rotation locks

Step 2: The Sleigh Base

The base of the sleigh will give Santa a place to stand.

Take 16 red connectors and attach them to a red rod. Next, take three green rods and attach them to the red connectors where shown (about five connectors down from one end).

Step 3: Sled Track Attachments

This part will allow you to attach the sled tracks.

Connect a purple loop connector to a "Y" connector. Repeat to get two pieces. Next, add them to the red rod on the piece you made in the previous step.

Step 4: Sled Tracks

The sled tracks allow Santa to make a smooth landing on the rooftops.

Add two tan rotation locks to a red rod as shown. Male sure they are facing opposite directions! Add it to the main piece by sliding it through the purple loop connectors with the rotation locks pointing down, as shown.

Step 5: Both Halves of the Sleigh Floor

Repeat steps 2-4 to get two halves of the sleigh.

Step 6: Back of Sleigh

The back of the sleigh will give Santa a comfortable back rest while flying around the world.

Build the two pieces shown in the pictures, and connect them as shown using a blue rod. Next, add two more red connectors onto the blue rod, and connect the entire piece to the other two halves of the sleigh.

Step 7: Front of Sleigh

The front of the sleigh will keep Santa from flying forward at a sudden stop.

Take six red connectors and attach them to a blue rod. Next, take two red connectors with green rods and "Y" connectors and attach them to a blue rodas shown. Finally, connect the two pieces together, and attach to the rest of the sleigh.

Step 8: Front Sled Tracks

Now for the front of the sled tracks.

Take two green connectors and attach them to a blue rod. Repeat to get two pieces. Attach to the sleigh as shown.

Step 9: Santa

It's time to help Santa up onto his sleigh!

Build him and attach him to the blue rod that is the "seat" of the sleigh.

Step 10: Snow Flaps

We've all heard of mud flaps, well, these are snow flaps to keep snow from flying out of the back of Santa's sleigh.

Attach two green rods to the front and back of the underside of the sleigh.

Step 11: The Completed Sleigh

The sleigh is now complete! Good job,elves! Now, let's harness up some reindeer!

Step 12: Building the Reindeer

Time to build a team of reindeer to pull Santa's sleigh!

Start by building six reindeer as shown. Note that one does not have a blue cap on its hind leg. Connect all the reindeer with light blue bendy rod "reigns," making sure the one with no blue cap on its hind leg is in the back. Repeat to get two full rows of six reindeer, and connect the two rows using blue rods.

Step 13: Hitching Up the Team

Time to attach the reindeer team to Santa's sleigh!

Using the green rods on the back of the last two reindeer, attach the team to the front sled tracks as shown.

Step 14: Done; Good Job Elves!

Hooray! The sleigh is now complete, and Santa can bring toys to all of the good children of the world! Congratulations, elves, you did a great job! Celebrate with some milk and cookies and have a very merry Christmas!

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