Knex Sawn-off Shotgun - the Bonecrusher

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So I was playing GTA: TLAD and I kinda fell in love with the sawn off shotgun, so I built this
-Really good range
-Double barrel
-Barrels can be fired individually
-Two true triggers
-Looks... really nice
-Can fire any type of rod
-can only hold two shots
-Its a huge drain on parts



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    Thanks man. (It actually works reallly well, if I had a decent camera I would upload instructions and you lot would really like it)

    Cool I'll check that out. I'm still learning new mechs etc, this was mainly an experiment to see how well a double barreled gun would work. As it turns out - very well.

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    Yes, they do tend to work quite well. If I could say something else, I would tell you to make the rubberbands to pull the pin from each side equally, not just attached on one side of the pin so the firing pin breaks.