Knex Scar-H




Introduction: Knex Scar-H

 Just another K'nex gun i made. The best thing about this gun is that it has a mag storing place inbetween the handle and the stock (kinda looks like the FAMAS) and the thing on top that you can lift up to fix the firing pin if it messes up (unlikely).

It uses DutchJ's Mech and Ironman69's can fold the sight down so you can add a scope or something else. I don't think i'll post though :(

Pic 4 is with a mag in the Mag Holder.
Pic 5 is with the Fixing Thingy up.



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     0.0 wow thanks!

    one problem...

    i just tore it down to make an intervention :/

    it has the same mech though :)


     gave up on it. can't make the thingy that connects the stock to the rest of the gun strong enough. instead i am making a model 1887. it has a way where you can reload with one hand. if you have seen the mech from the gun "K.F.S.A" you hafe to turn the trigger to cock it. with this you keep the trigger still and flip the gun. i have made something on the side where you put your finger and it holdes the gun for you. it is connected to the trigger so if you let go of the gun and have your finger in the thing you can flip the gun to cock it. and with gravity you can do it ith one hand.

    nice gun, with the spare mag it sort of looks like an enfield from black ops