K'nex Scooter

Introduction: K'nex Scooter

About: Hi, my name is Balint (pronounced Bar - lint) Please visit free rider 2 on trackmill, and look at my tracks. Go on search tracks, and type in balint on search user. REAT TENN ORR EYE WIL HAF TO KIL U

Hello everyone! I have made a new k'nex scooter ; with a driver! The driver is a k'nex man. You might not name your k'nex men, however i call mine Garry.

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I'll write the parts list here - you'll find out why in a moment!

Rods:                                     Connectors:                 Other:

Green:17                               Dark grey:0                   Little grey cog thing (look at image):2
White:11                               Light grey:4                   K'nex body:1 (optional)
Blue:2                                   Red:0                           Small wheels and tyres:3
Yellow:2                                Green:2                        Tan clips:6
Red:0                                    Purple:0                       Y connectors:7 (optional)
Grey:0                                  Yellow:5                        Ball joint connectors:8 (optional)
                                            Blue:0                          Ball socket connectors:8 (optional)
                                            White:2                        K'nex head parts(not white rod) 1 of
                                           Orange:1                       each (see what i mean on pic)(optional)
                                                                               Grey spacers:2 (6 blue spacers)

Step 1: Make the Man

Make the man in this step. You will make him differently on purpose so make sure that you do them like shown on here!

That's this step done, so proceed carefully to the next step :)

Step 2: The Front

Make the front side like shown on the picture.

Step 3: The Steering Wheel

You will make the steering wheel in this step. It does actually work a bot with the k'nex man (Steve).

Step 4: The Middle and the Rear

Step 5: Assembly

Here you will put the whole thing together.

Step 6: Add the Man

Here you will add the man. After that, your done!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I must be the first comment you have had in a while :P


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks - you don't need a driver but you can get them from the 'Lost Mines' k'nex sets.